Introducing Pieces, home design products created by An Aesthetic Pursuit.

We know there can be a disconnect between how you want to live and how you actually do. Sometimes achieving the style you desire requires that perfect Piece.

Good design. Just the way you like it.




Talk about a well-rounded assortment. These surface materials leave little to be desired. We can place any of these surfaces atop the base of your choice. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Just ask.



Don’t be shy! The options are only limited by your imagination. Our table bases come in any of the colors you see below. Looking for something weird? Ask us to make you a special piece!


The Flux dining series comes in nearly endless combinations of shapes, surfaces, and colors. The Flux series can be customized to accomplish any dining design goal. We call that fluxability.


The Fitted series coffee and side tables feature a recessed powder coated steel frame that snugly fits two levels of display surface. Mix & match to find the perfect combination that fits your needs.

The Float series surfaces slightly overhang the rounded basket base. Perfect as a side table, night stand,or stool. Such a nice piece.


Born from need, the Frame series is something easy, but unique. Not a reinvention of the wheel, but a colorful cube with some sexy surfaces. Unbounded options transform this simple shape into the polyhedron of our dreams. 


The Flora ceramics are cleverly designed to make arranging your flowers easy. So simple you can't mess this up. Pretty. Modern. Call it Pretty modern.


Under foot but in your face, rugs that make a statement. Not another kilim. Not another neutral to help ground a room. Rugs that make the room.